The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are around the corner, and ahead of this year’s event, the official Paris 2024 ticketing app has arrived.

The app is available on all smartphones and allows eventgoers the ability to gain entry into all Paris 2024 venues this July by accessing their tickets. Additionally, ticketholders will be able to transfer tickets to beneficiaries and list one or more tickets for sale.

In terms of resale, people can buy tickets at its initial face value price, as well as a processing fee.

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“By launching its ticketing app well in advance of the Games, Paris 2024 wants to give future spectators the peace of mind of knowing that they can start to make their arrangements now,” organizers said in a statement. “Ergonomic, fluid and intuitive, this app invites all users to let themselves be guided, combining ease of use with security.”

Learn more about how to transfer or sell your tickets here.

This year, the organizing committee made headlines for the games’ ticket prices; Sebastian Coe, the president of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and former head of the London 2012 organizing committee, criticized the Paris 2024 bosses for the cost of tickets for next year’s event, noting that fans and the families of athletes will be priced-out.

Ticketholders also called-out the committee after learning that parents would have to pay a full-price ticket for their child to attend the game with them — even if the child is a newborn. While many were not happy with the decision — as they had already spent thousands of dollars on tickets — others stood by the committee’s decision, urging new parents not to bring a newborn to the Olympics in the first place.

The 2024 Olympic Games are scheduled to run from July 26 to August 11, overlooking the waters of the Seine. During the kick-off ceremony, 10,000 athletes will travel to the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Tickets can be found via the official Paris 2024 website here.