Japan will have to wait for Janet Jackson’s Rock Witchu tour until later this year. The Grammy winning singer was scheduled to perform five shows from February 14-22, but the upcoming tour has been postponed “due to the impact of economic crisis,” according to her Japanese promoter, Kyodo Yokohama.... Read more
AudienceView Ticketing has signed a long-term box office and online ticket sales contract with Victoria Palace Theatre, St. Martin’s Theatre and the Ambassadors Theatre in London’s West End. By bringing their online ticketing in-house, the theaters hope to better control their consumer experience. “Given their strong theatre client base... Read more
Ticketmaster Entertainment continues to confront issues in Canada over the company’s relationship with subsidiary TicketsNow. This past summer, the company was criticized in the country over the way Elton John tickets were turning up on TicketsNow, but now a consumer advocate is vowing to turn up the heat and... Read more