Due to a late-breaking cast change, tickets to this week’s performances of the rock opera hit “American Idiot” will give audiences some extra bang for their Broadway buck. Green Day‘s own Billie Joe Armstrong, credited as the tuner’s lyricist and co-author, will join the cast for all eight of... Read more
It’s almost impossible to discuss the ticket demand — or lack thereof — for Aerosmith‘s summer tour without making a pun about one of their many hit songs. “I think people have become jaded with farewell tours, to begin with,” eSeats.com owner Bob Bernstein said, knowingly or unknowingly referencing... Read more
Before every Night Ranger concert, singer/drummer Kelly Keagy—the voice behind the band’s biggest hit, “Sister Christian”—hears from fans who have waited decades to tell him their memories of the band. Turns out Keagy has been waiting just as long to hear their stories. Night Ranger did not have an... Read more
Folk-rock legend Bob Dylan, no stranger to experimenting with how tickets are sold to his shows, held a concert at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco last night, August 25, where fans paid an admission fee at the door, in cash, eschewing advanced ticket sales in an attempt to... Read more
The mother of a Justin Bieber is not happy with the Ticketmaster paperless ticketing system used by the Air Canada Centre for a recent performance by the teen superstar. According to the Toronto Sun, Suzanne Woodley had bought two paperless tickets to the August 21 show for her daughter... Read more
Concert ticket sales may be down this year, but don’t tell that to country music artists. While rock staples like the Eagles, current pop stars like Rihanna, and tween sensations the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato have had to cancel shows due to poor sales (with Christina Aguilera even... Read more
It’s no secret that the summer 2010 season has been a difficult one for touring artists. Reports of cancelled concerts and axed tours have dampened what is traditionally one of the live entertainment industry’s biggest quarters. Live Nation Entertainment shrugged off earlier reports that a spree of well publicized... Read more
Anecdotally, the concert business in the North America has been in the doldrums for most of the year, and now there are numbers backing that up, as the industry has suffered a dip in sales over the first half of this year, according to newly released data from Pollstar.... Read more
In “An Open Letter to Critics” released this week, Lilith Fair co-founder Terry McBride blasted bloggers and members of the press who he believes have disrespected the event by unfairly focusing on some of the cancellations and minor logistical problems. “I have been amazed at the feeding frenzy of... Read more
No stranger to helping causes in and around his native Gulf Coast, it was no surprise when Jimmy Buffett stepped forward with plans for a July 1 concert to benefit the region impacted by the ongoing BP oil spill. It was also no surprise that free tickets for the... Read more