Formed and led by Chris Daughtry, the season 5 “American Idol” finalist, Daughtry is a very successful rock band from North Carolina that released their first album in 2006. Their debut album sold more than four million copies and was named 2007’s number one selling album by Billboard. Their singles “It’s Not Over” and “Home” ranked as the 8th and 10th most played songs on the radio in 2007 respectively. The band is comprised of four members in total; lead singer Chris Daughtry, lead guitarist Josh Steely, bassist Josh Paul, and drummer Joey Barnes. Their fifth member, guitarist Jeremy Brady, is no longer in the band.

Daughtry plans to kick off their U.S. tour on October 19 at the Kansas ExpoCentre in Topeka and end it at Roberts Stadium in Evansville, Indiana on December 20. They also released their second studio album, “Leave This Town” in July of 2009, and sold more than 269,000 copies in the first week of release.