Super Bowl LIII will be a tale of the NFL’s oldest and newest as the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots face-off on game day next weekend.

The legendary duo Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, leading the Patriots, will return to the arena once again. Taking on New England will be the youngest coach in NFL history, 30-year-old Sean McVay, and the 24-year-old quarterback Jared Goff. The pressure is on for this second-year coach as he prepares for his first Super Bowl title. This will be the Patriot’s eleventh Super Bowl to date, setting the tone for a high-stakes game.

However, as we predicted last week, fans aren’t jumping at the chance to buy tickets just yet as ticket brokers aren’t thrilled about the outcome of a Patriots v. Rams Super Bowl. Although this match-up makes for amazing TV ratings, it absolutely kills profit margins for game day tickets. With that, the demand for tickets won’t spike until the final days before the Super Bowl when prices will be at their lowest.

Here were the ticket prices before we knew which teams would play in the Super Bowl:

Best Get-In Prices For Super Bowl LIII By Site As Of 1/18/19


Website Best Get-In Price
Ticket Club $3,514.99
ZeroMarkup $3,563
NFL On Location Experiences $4,136
StubHub $4,639.48
Ticketmaster $5,400

Here are the ticket prices now, about a week before the Super Bowl:

Best Get-In Prices For Super Bowl LIII By Site As Of 1/24/19


Website Best Get-In Price
Ticket Club $2,937.99
ZeroMarkup $2,972
StubHub $3,033.67
NFL On Location Experiences $3,167
Ticketmaster $3,534

The best get-in price for Super Bowl LIII tickets are still found on Ticket Club with no added service fees for $2,937.99. Since the Super Bowl teams were announced, the price for a single ticket has dropped $577 on this site. Single ticket prices dropped even more drastically on other secondary marketplaces; there was a $591 price difference for a single ticket on ZeroMarkup, a $969 difference on NFL On Location Experiences, a $1,605.81 difference on StubHub, and a $1,866 difference on Ticketmaster.

The two main factors that threaten ticket sales are the fanbase for the Patriots and the distance for the Rams. Patriots fans have been to the Super Bowl so many times that by now, they’re all too familiar with how the ticketing market operates. From previous experiences, they know the prices will drop every day leading to the game and will hold-off on purchasing until the time is right.

For Rams fans, traveling from Los Angeles to Atlanta is a long and expensive haul. This factor will discourage Rams nation from purchasing tickets to the game. Additionally, the Rams are new to Los Angeles since moving back only 3 years ago. Odds are, the current fandom of the Rams franchise is scattered, and if you were a St. Louis Rams fan, this game wouldn’t be relevant to you now.

The coming days leading to the Super Bowl will tell whether prices will continue to fall or rebound. advertisement