Cricket World Cup organizers are now offering refunds to fans who did not receive their tickets and had to wait in long queues ahead of the games this past weekend.

Last week, fans took to social media to express their frustration since they had not received their tickets as early as promised. Many were confused about how they were going to receive their tickets before their desired match. The director of marketing and ticketing for the Cricket World Cup, Adrian Wells, told The Guardian that ticket holders would be receiving tickets by the end of the week and only about 300 of the 24,500 crowd would have to pick up their tickets from the box office.

However, during the second game between Pakistan and the West Indies at Trent Bridge, many fans were stuck waiting in queues to collect their tickets. Some of those waiting were forced to miss part or all of the game.

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The ICC sent out a statement apologizing to fans caught in the queue line at Trent Bridge on Friday.

“We will be offering a full refund to anyone who was impacted by the delays because of the high volume of ticket collections,” the organization said. “This will happen automatically based on data from our ticket scanners along with the time of ticket issue from the box office.

“We are currently working with Ticketmaster to resolve all outstanding issues and have put in place a number of measures to ensure fans don’t suffer this inconvenience at future games. This includes the introduction of a print at home ticket and improved distribution methods at the venues.”

Steve Elworthy, World Cup managing director, also apologized.

“We have delivered over 700,000 tickets to more than 120 countries, but not all tickets were successfully delivered and as such we have seen a higher volume collecting at the venue,” he said. “It is only right that we refund these fans by way of apology. The refund will happen automatically so the fans do not need to do anything.”

“We would urge fans who haven’t yet received their tickets to go onto their Cricket World Cup account and utilize the print at home function. In addition to this we will improve the way we are distributing the tickets in the venue and if necessary will provide additional support to the venue.”

During the match, the West Indies won by 7 wickets. Today, Pakistan will take on England, and the West Indies will face Australia on Thursday. advertisement