In an attempt to boost attendance, the San Francisco Giants plan to reduce season ticket prices next year.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, season ticket holders received an email last week noting that 80 percent of season tickets in 2020 will be offered at a reduced cost. Certain seats will dip in price as much as 21 percent in the “view infield” section and in the back rows of the bleachers, and a team official noted that the Giants will not raise prices on 95 percent of their seats.

These new ticket prices likely have something to do with the lack of attendance over recent years. While the entire MLB has seen a reduction in attendance, the Giants ranked 11th in the major league with an average attendance of 33,549 – down nearly 14 percent from last year’s average of 38,965, ESPN data shows. Over the past four years, they’ve continued to decrease in attendance; in 2015, the Giants’ attendance was ranked third in the league at 41,677 per game. In addition, the team only sold 26,000 season tickets this year, down from 30,000 in 2016, the Chronicle reports.

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The Giants aren’t alone; a handful of other baseball teams are struggling to pull in fans. Teams like the Oakland Athletics and Baltimore Ravens are trying to be more family-friendly by offering free tickets to children, and the A’s even introduced a special A’s Access Program in an attempt to fill vacant seats. The Tampa Bay Rays are also struggling to boost attendance; the team failed to sell-out games during their $5 ticket deal. Industry professionals and fans believe that all these attendance problems boil down to one thing: expensive seats.

This week, the Giants are slated to take on the Dodgers, followed by games against the Pirates, Marlins, Red Sox, Braves, and Rockies.

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