The global ticketing site, Sports Events 365, is ready to share a new supplier interface to major ticket vendors at the World Trade Market in London this November.

The interface, which was introduced this past summer, has allowed travel agencies, tour operators, and other travel customers to receive immediate confirmation on 80 percent of sporting event tickets. The technology was developed in-house with leading travel industry software houses and is available to major ticket vendors. It allows supplies to post prices and quantities of tickets for sporting events from either a computer or smartphone app.

”Immediate confirmations are critical for our customers and we expect the trend we have witnessed since introducing the new interface will continue to grow,” Sefi Donner, founder and CEO of Sports Events 365, said in a press release, noting that the company is continuing to improve the interface.

In addition to the interface, Sports Events 365 recently partnered with two new software houses: Germany’s GP Solutions and Vibe Systems of the UK. These two houses will add to the company’s list of software houses in the travel field.

This is the latest news for the company. In August, Sports Events 365 announced that it had expanded its existing agreement with the leading club Atletico Madrid for the upcoming 2019/20 season. As a part of the expansion, fans will be able to participate in some new, unique opportunities like arriving early to the match to receive the players, getting an exclusive tour throughout the stadium, or a picture on the field after the match. The company is looking to offer this model with other clubs interested in increasing their revenues.

Currently, Sports Events 365 is operating sites in 22 languages. Earlier this year, Donner talked to TicketNews about how 60 percent of Sports Events 365’s sales were derived from B2B ticket sales in 2018, which has increased twice as fast as their original B2C offering. The ticketing site is working toward becoming a place where people can book hotel packages and tickets through their site to help travelers find exciting and popular events in new cities across the globe.

Sports Events 365 will be presenting the interface at the WTM on November 4-6. For more information about Sports Events 365, visit their website.

Last Updated on October 23, 2019

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