FanFair Alliance Files Complaint Against Viagogo’s StubHub Deal FanFair Alliance Files Complaint Against Viagogo’s StubHub Deal
UPDATE (as of December 4, 2019)  Viagogo released the following statement to TicketNews regarding the matter: “Viagogo expects the market regulator to look at... FanFair Alliance Files Complaint Against Viagogo’s StubHub Deal

UPDATE (as of December 4, 2019)  Viagogo released the following statement to TicketNews regarding the matter:

“Viagogo expects the market regulator to look at this deal as they would with any deal of this size and we will be working with them collaboratively on that as required.”

The ticketing campaign group the FanFair Alliance submitted a formal complaint with the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) this week following Viagogo’s proposed $4.05 billion acquisition of StubHub.

According to Billboard, the FanFair Alliance wrote to the CMA, calling for a “phase 1” enquiry into the proposed StubHub deal, noting that the acquisition would give Viagogo a monopoly on the secondary ticketing in the U.K. In a letter, FanFair campaign manager Adam Webb urged the CMA to investigate “the proposed merger and its potential implications for U.K. consumers and live event industry.” Following the closing of Ticketmaster’s resale sites GetMeIn and Seatwave in 2018, Viagogo and StubHub are now the only two major “for profit” secondary ticketing sites still operating in the U.K.

“This would, we believe, inevitably lead to even higher fees for consumers, and an even greater dominance of search and social media advertising – increasing the risk of consumers being led needlessly towards inflated tickets in the secondary market, and away from authorized primary ticket agents,” Webb wrote.

The highly-anticipated deal, which was announced on November 25 following months of speculation, is meant to give potential buyers “a wide choice of tickets, and sellers will have a wider network of buyers,” Viagogo CEO Eric Baker sam in a statement. StubHub president Sukhinder Cassidy said that bringing the two platforms together will help “dive further expansion and innovation, and create a more competitive offering for live event fans globally.” The sale is expected to close by the first quarter of 2020, should it clear regulatory hurdles and other closing conditions.

The FanFair Alliance has fought against online touting with Viagogo since its formation in 2016. Viagogo has also run into some issues with CMA in the past; earlier this year, the company ended a court action after agreeing to make numerous changes to its site to meet U.K. consumer law and visibly provide information to its customers. Additionally, its AdWords suspension ended in most markets after the company was deemed to be in compliance with numerous criteria which Google requires of ticket resale platforms.

  • RP

    December 3, 2019 #1 Author

    How is this merger going to help consumers? Live Nation and Ticketmaster were saying the exact same things before they merged and we have seen what a disaster that has turned into.
    How is StubHub worth 4 billion dollars? We are supposed to believe that StubHub is just a place for folks to buy and sell tickets from other fans. If this is true, how is this a 4 billion dollar company? StubHub and all the rest are as crooked as the day is long, they have agreements with venues, promoters and sports teams to receive tickets before they ever go on sale. THAT’S how it is a 4 billion dollar company.

    Hopefully the UK will put a stop to this merger, because we know our inept and incompetent US leaders won’t do anything and this scam on the public will continue


  • RP

    December 3, 2019 #2 Author

    and we are also supposed to believe that ticket prices will go down after this merger? How will the 4 billion dollar debt ever get paid off charging fans reasonable prices?
    THE ENTIRE TICKETING INDUSTRY is corrupt and borderline criminal!!


  • Legal Broker

    December 3, 2019 #3 Author

    It will not go through, the only reason Viagogo has offered to buy stubhub is because the reputation of Viagogo as an honest transparent company is in shreds and sales have plummeted over the past 6 months. They are trying to reinvent themselves on another companies name but the truth is it won’t happen because they will destroy themselves there too. Let’s not kid ourselves Viagogo is a broker run network with big ticket brokers listing thousands of tickets just as stubhub is, they are not fan based at all. If this merger goes through consumers will pay a hell of a lot more and will be subject to the worst customer service imaginable.


  • Bill

    December 3, 2019 #4 Author

    Had another bad experience with StubHub today…could write a book about all the bad experiences (a few good ones, but the bad ones get stuck in my mind because they make me angry). As a seller, with them ever since they STARTED, who has helped them post many events they were not aware of, and help them with map suggestions, corrections to numerous detailed errors on their site, they cancel my orders for any minute reason, and charge me extra for canceling. They are VERY BAD with that…that is one of the ways they MAKE MONEY, by charging the SELLER additional fees for this and that.

    For instance, UPS did not pickup a drop box one day this week… I investigated it by calling the UPS customer service department. They found out that the driver had skipped that drop-box that day. Although the envelope was scanned the following day, and the buyer would receive the tickets only one day later than expected, the order was canceled… even though we called SH several time to update them that UPS was looking into the issue of why it had not been scanned the first day. It seems our calling SH to update them, worked against us, because they then decided to cancel the order.

    Result is that the buyer will end up getting our tickets for free, as they replaced our order with other tickets… the buyer will have twice as many tickets than they needed. There is no time for them to ship the tickets back to me, and it is in route. Don’t forget, I paid for the tickets, plus am being “fined” by StubHub, AND the recipient gets to keep and use the tickets.

    This type of business should not be allowed to operate. They constantly take advantage of the “little people”, assuming we will not complain, and move on. Reminds me of the government. Is everyone waiting for a revolution to shape up?


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