Philadelphia Eagles season ticket holders were met with unexpected price hikes when they received official package invoices on February 6. The organization has not publicly commented on the price increases, though fans took to Twitter to confirm the changes, with some noting their season ticket costs jumped between $5 to $20 per game.

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This marks the fourth straight year the Eagles have raised their ticket prices. Following their 2018 Super Bowl win, Philly locals made no fuss over the expected jump that goes with a historic, first-time Super Bowl victory. But last year, season ticket holders were met with further cost increases without notification from the Eagles organization and face the same issue now. After four consecutive seasons of higher ticket prices, fans are now growing fed up, particularly seeing as the Eagles’ 2019 season met a disappointing end in the Wild Card round of playoffs.

Regardless of the initial reaction of Eagles season ticket holders, the team remains one of the NFL’s powerhouses in ticketing. According to SB Nation, the waiting list for season tickets is more than 40,000 names deep. The team has also been subject to several sell-outs at Lincoln Financial Field since the stadium opened in 2003.

The Eagles organization is the latest NFL squad to bring about changes to their ticket pricing structure for the 2020 season. The Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and Cleveland Browns have all announced higher prices for the upcoming season, while many are also expecting higher costs to come in San Francisco and Kansas City following the 49ers and Chiefs’ trip to Super Bowl LIV. On the other end of the spectrum, the Denver Broncos announced their plan to leave ticket prices unchanged from last season in order to drum up higher attendance figures.

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