Coming off a successful 2019 campaign, the Baltimore Ravens are heading into the 2020 season with a favorable outlook – and the higher ticket costs that go with it.

The organization revealed in a letter sent to season ticket holders that its ticket prices would increase roughly 6.5 percent, though the figures vary between seating sections.

“To achieve our collective goals, we must continue to stay competitive with other NFL teams, both in terms of the revenue we generate and in our spending on players we want in purple,” Ravens VP of ticket sales and operations Baker R. Koppelman Sr. wrote in the letter to season ticket holders. “To stay competitive, it is important that our ticket revenues remain in the top half of the NFL, and we dropped below that threshold in both 2018 and 2019.”

The 2013 Super Bowl champions faced good odds to hoist the Lombardi trophy throughout the 2019 season, which featured star power from league MVP Lamar Jackson and a 14-2 record. Many expected Baltimore to dominate in playoffs as the AFC’s top seed before they were edged by the Titans during divisional round play. Nevertheless, the organization and fans alike are bracing for an equally competitive 2020 campaign later this year.

“The pride and passion we see from our fans is truly special and represents a bond that is critically important to us. The electricity and unity we all felt in the stadium on January 11 personified that connection. We are vigilant in our resolve to win Super Bowls and to continue to make you proud,” Koppelman said.

Amid their hype last season, the Ravens fell in the middle of the pack as far as ticket prices. According to Statista, Baltimore ranked 16th in a breakdown of the league’s average ticket price at $103 and change. The Los Angeles Rams topped the list at over $165 per ticket while Buffalo was the most affordable market with a $71 average.

The Ravens are among several teams that will increase prices this coming season, joining Buffalo, Cleveland and Philadelphia. But while fans in those markets – particularly Cleveland and Philadelphia – have expressed a disdain for the increases, Baltimore fans can rest easy. The team has claimed that their new pricing structure will remain in place through the 2021 season.

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