After drawing backlash and even a lawsuit from angered fans, the MLB has allowed its 30 clubs to roll out their own ticket refund policies as the 2020 season remains in limbo. Most teams have taken the liberty to grant fans refunds, though some are operating under the terms that refunds will only be issued when ticket holders directly request them from the club. 28 of the 30 clubs have confirmed their plans regarding refunds for games scheduled through May, via USA Today.

For those who miss either a refund request deadline or fail to notify clubs, fans may automatically be granted credits for holding onto their tickets for future use. This option does come with certain levels of incentive as some franchises are anywhere from a 5 to 30 percent bonus in accounts that can be used towards future ticket purchases, ballpark concessions or merchandise.

Check out the rough policy plans for confirmed teams below.

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Atlanta Braves: Offering refunds on single-game tickets through May or credit for games to be used later this season. Season ticket owners will receive 10% bonus if they opt for credit good for 2021 or 2022.

Baltimore Orioles: Offering refunds for games scheduled through May 31 through requests must be submitted by June 30. Single-game and season ticket holders may receive 25% bonus if opting for account credits, which may be used from 2020-22.

Boston Red Sox: Offering refunds for games scheduled through May 28, though single-game ticket holders can also receive credit or ticket exchange for a future game this season. Season ticket holders will receive a 10% bonus for 2020-21 credits.

Chicago Cubs: Full refunds offered on single-game tickets scheduled March through May. Season-ticket holders can receive refunds or a credit with 5% bonus.

Chicago White Sox: Single-game tickets throughout March, April and May can be refunded in full. Sseason ticket owners offered refunds or credit with an undisclosed bonus to be communicated via ticket agent.

Cincinnati Reds: Offering refunds for games through May that can be requested until September 20. Season ticket owners choosing credit over refund also receive 10% concession bonus.

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Cleveland Indians: Refunding all March and April home games when requested before May 15. All purchases can opt for credit with a 10% bonus.

Colorado Rockies: Single-game ticket purchases on games in April and May will be automatically refunded on credit cards in the coming days. Season ticket owners will receive automatic credit with 10% bonus to use next season, but refunds may also be requested via ticket representatives.

Detroit Tigers: All ticket holders may request refunds for April and May games. Choice of credit over refund grants fans a 30% bonus.

Houston Astros: Single-game purchases will be directly refunded to credit card, while season ticket owners may request refund through a representative or will automatically receive credits to lock in a season ticket price for next season.

Kansas City Royals: Offering refunds on games scheduled April 2 through May 6 for those who notify the club and request a refund. Credit option for season ticket holders brings a 5% account bonus, 25% parking discount this season and guaranteed price freeze on next year’s package.

Los Angeles Angels: Offering refunds on the basis that ticket holders request them.

Los Angeles Dodgers: March and April games can be refunded by calling 866-DODGERS and choosing option 6. Season ticket owners choosing to retain credits can receive 10% bonus to be used on either future tickets or parking.

Miami Marlins: All refund requests on games through May can be made through email, while credit option grants 10% bonus.

Milwaukee Brewers: Single-game refunds may be requested online for April games or fans can opt for credit. Season-ticket holders may also request refund via ticket rep or earn a 10% bonus when holding credits for next year.

Minnesota Twins: Single-game refunds may be requested online for April games or fans can opt for credit. Season-ticket holders may also request refund via ticket rep or earn a 15% bonus when holding credits for next year.

New York Mets: All ticket holders can request refunds to April game tickets only on their My Mets Account beginning May 7. A 10% bonus is offered to single-game purchases holding credits, while season ticket owners can earn 20%.

New York Yankees: Offering strictly credits for tickets to April games only, though refunds may be requested via reps or Ticketmaster. Season ticket owners to receive 10% bonus on credits.

Oakland Athletics: All single-game ticket holders offered refunds on games scheduled through May. Season ticket owners can request a refund online by May 15 or roll over credits to 2021, which also grants them a 5% bonus and priority seating in a potential new stadium.

Philadelphia Phillies: Tickets to games scheduled through May are eligible for refund or credit.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Offering refunds for April and May games when buyers contact by phone or email. Opting for credit grants season ticket owners a 15% bonus and single-game buyers a 10% bonus.

St. Louis Cardinals: Season-ticket holders will receive credit for future games, or can email the club or contact an account representative for refunds. Single-game tickets will be automatically refunded.

San Diego Padres: Season ticket owners to request refunds through May via ticket rep, while single-game purchasers may go through Ticketmaster.

San Francisco Giants: Single-game tickets refunded for games through May. Season-ticket holders can request refunds or receive a 5% bonus applied toward 2021 tickets.

Seattle Mariners: March-May single-game ticket refunds available while season ticket holders will receive automatic account credit unless they request refund to ticket rep by May 8.

Tampa Bay Rays: Single-game ticket refunds available through May 8 for all games scheduled through May, while season ticket owners have until the end of the month to email the club for a refund. All ticket holders are also offered credit that presents a 25% bonus on merchandise and concessions.

Texas Rangers: Purchasers of tickets for March and April games may request refund by emailing [email protected]. Season ticket owners will be contacted by ticket rep and can receive bonuses towards concession and merchandise purchases if they opt to hold onto tickets.

Toronto Blue Jays: Offering refunds for games March through May, though season-ticket holders will receive a credit unless specifically requesting a refund.