Ever since the MLB halted its operations last month, fans have been kept waiting for any decision regarding the season, along with refunds for tickets to impacted games. They may soon get an answer to the refund issue, however. The league has reversed its policy to hold refunds for unplayed or postponed games and is now granting all 30 teams the autonomy to determine their own ticket policy.

The decision was reportedly reached with the league-wide understanding that enough time has passed since operations were suspended that fans with unused tickets may be facing financial burdens, according to USA Today. Each franchise within the league is now at liberty to determine their own refund policy and are expected to roll out information to fans shortly.

The league’s change in policy comes days after fans filed a lawsuit against the MLB, along with its ticketing partners Live Nation, Ticketmaster, StubHub and Last Minute Transactions. Two New Yorkers filed the suit alleging that the involved parties were refusing refunds for tickets which are not feasible for the date schedule, if ever. Refunds would only be allowed under the pretext of cancelled games, though the league has not officially ruled any games cancelled despite already missing a month of the scheduled season. Such policies have also drew the ire of concert fans, who also hit ticketing leaders like Live Nation, StubHub and SeatGeek with lawsuits regarding refunds in the age of coronavirus.

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Plans regarding the 2020 MLB season remain up in the air, though Commissioner Rob Manfred has consistently assured fans there will be baseball this year. The season was officially delayed until mid-May though reports have strongly suggested that along with adapting to a condensed season, games will be played for television only with no fans in ballparks. Insiders have reported that ballparks in Arizona, Florida and Texas may serve as hubs to hold games this season. But Dr. Anthony Fauci and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo have offered optimism for the season. Fauci said it may be possible under certain conditions to allow limited fans in stadiums, while Cuomo urged team owners and MLB officials to get creative in order to play games in home stadiums.

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