A Washington, DC-based law firm has launched its own investigation into the business practices of Ticketmaster Entertainment and its subsidiary TicketsNow as it relates to the companies’ handling of the recent onsales for Bruce Springsteen tickets. Finkelstein Thompson LLP is the latest entity to question how the two companies... Read more
New York Governor David Patterson is proposing to add a 4 percent sales tax on event tickets in the next fiscal year, a plan that could take hold considering the budget deficit the state government is facing. And, to add insult to injury, New York City, home to Broadway,... Read more
If there is one thing that ticket brokers know, it is that as the secondary ticket market has grown over the years, so has the level of scrutiny that governments have placed on the industry. And one of the areas most studied is tax revenue, as some states and... Read more
Despite praising the company for cooperating with authorities, an Arkansas judge this week ruled that Ticket Software LLC, parent company of TicketNetwork and TicketNews, is subject to certain state laws for the ticket company’s involvement in a Hannah Montana ticketing case. Both the Arkansas Attorney General’s office, and state... Read more
Former Ohio State Representative John Widowfield, who was charged with buying Ohio State University football tickets with campaign money and selling them for his own personal profit, is scheduled to appear in Franklin County Municipal Court next week to be arraigned. Widowfield has admitted to the charges and Franklin... Read more
Hot on the heels of North Carolina adopting new ticket resale laws, New Jersey has also joined the ranks of states allowing for ticket resale over the Internet. But, ticket brokers in the Garden State will still be hamstrung by a provision that limits resale to no more than... Read more
Online ticket brokers reselling tickets in the Tar Heel State can breathe a sigh of relief today following Gov. Mike Easley’s decision Monday to sign a new resale law that legalizes unrestricted ticket sales over the Web in North Carolina. Senate Bill 1407, which went into effect retroactively on... Read more
The North Carolina State Senate today, July 3, approved a bill that would allow ticket resale over the internet, which moves the state a step closer to lifting its prohibition of ticket reselling. On Wednesday, the measure was approved by the Senate Finance Committee, which led to today’s action.... Read more
Setting up what could turn out to be a criminal matter, Massachusetts accountant Richard Vitale, who allegedly lobbied on behalf of ticket brokers in the state but didn’t register as a lobbyist, refused to testify today in a public hearing before Massachusetts Secretary of the State William Galvin. Vitale... Read more
Massachusetts ticket brokers anteed up more than $60,000 in 2007 in an attempt to have the state’s anti-scalping law repealed, and virtually all of it went to former accountant Richard Vitale, a close friend of Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi. The total paid to Vitale is expected to rise... Read more