Online ticket brokers reselling tickets in the Tar Heel State can breathe a sigh of relief today following Gov. Mike Easley’s decision Monday to sign a new resale law that legalizes unrestricted ticket sales over the Web in North Carolina. Senate Bill 1407, which went into effect retroactively on... Read more
The North Carolina State Senate today, July 3, approved a bill that would allow ticket resale over the internet, which moves the state a step closer to lifting its prohibition of ticket reselling. On Wednesday, the measure was approved by the Senate Finance Committee, which led to today’s action.... Read more
Setting up what could turn out to be a criminal matter, Massachusetts accountant Richard Vitale, who allegedly lobbied on behalf of ticket brokers in the state but didn’t register as a lobbyist, refused to testify today in a public hearing before Massachusetts Secretary of the State William Galvin. Vitale... Read more
Massachusetts ticket brokers anteed up more than $60,000 in 2007 in an attempt to have the state’s anti-scalping law repealed, and virtually all of it went to former accountant Richard Vitale, a close friend of Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi. The total paid to Vitale is expected to rise... Read more
A new piece of New Jersey legislation seeks to limit the selling power of ticket brokers throughout the state. Under the constraints of the proposed legislation, internet ticket resale sites would be allowed more freedoms when it comes to reselling tickets than their human counterparts. While the bill would... Read more
Seeking to end the use of software “bots,” computer programs that can scoop up large blocks of tickets quickly, Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen Thursday signed into law a measure that makes the use of such software illegal in the state. Tennessee is one of several states to propose such... Read more
The Minnesota State Senate today passed a bill that will make it illegal to use “bot” software to buy up large blocks of tickets. Last year, the state was one of a wave of states to repeal its anti-scalping laws making it legal to resell tickets. The state’s House... Read more
This week, Ohio became the latest state to take action in response to the national outcry over the Hannah Montana ticket mess. Acting in response to frustration and complaints from constituents that they are unable to buy tickets to high profile events, such as the Hannah Montana concert, Ohio... Read more
Just when it seemed as if the ruckus had finally begun to die down, the Hannah Montana ticket debacle once again emerges to the forefront. New York City councilman Leroy Comrie has proposed a new law that would help protect consumers from experiencing a similar ticketing fall out in... Read more
Five months after the law allowing for unfettered ticket resale went into effect in the state, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is proposing new restrictions on ticket brokers and others by limiting the amount they can charge customers for tickets sold at the secondary level. In addition, the Attorney... Read more