Two months after opening to a lot of buzz and generally good reviews for its young star, Daniel Radcliffe, the Broadway equine drama Equus is barely leaving the barn. The play, which has tried to trade on its mature themes and star’s “Harry Potter” fame, has tried email ticket... Read more
Overall, ticket sales were down this week with a total of $16,629,333 compared to the previous week’s box office total of $17,125,791. The gross receipts for the season to date are $439,858,283, looking positively flush when compared to the same time last season, $413,226,732. In addition, only two of... Read more
Broadway proved its resilience once again, bouncing back this week from a low the previous reporting period. This week’s box offices ticket sales totaled $17,125,791 compared to last week’s $15,656,656. The same week last season saw gross receipts of only $11,070,673. Overall, the season to date has shined with... Read more
In the midst of the most historic U.S. election ever, Broadway posted the single most dismal week of the season with totals of just $15,656,656, down from the last reporting period’s $17,209,275. What shot-in-the-arm the election of Barack Obama will bring to the greater economy and to Broadway in... Read more
Oscar, Tony, Grammy and Emmy award winner Liza Minnelli has extended her limited Broadway engagement, “Liza’s at the Palace,” by two more weeks due to overwhelming demand. Ten shows have been added to Minnelli’s scheduled run at the Palace Theatre: December 16-17, 19-21, 23-24 and 26-28. The new concerts... Read more
Audiences on Broadway and worldwide have grown to love the green-skinned Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West. Expanding on Frank L. Baum’s original story, “The Wizard of Oz,” the production team of David Stone and Marc Platt are riding a broomstick aloft as Wicked continues to enjoy sellout... Read more
The financial picture on Broadway continues to look anemic although not in the proportions of the rest of the economy. At $17,209,275 this past week, it actually exceeds the same week last season of only $17,019,420, though it is down slightly from last week’s gross of $17,964,429. Overall ticket... Read more
It’s a sign of troubled times when the best offerings on The Great White Way are struggling to make a go of it at the box office. Up until this past week, Broadway ticket sales seemed to be flourishing in spite of the economy’s aches and pains. Now, the... Read more
Box office returns this past week totaled $17,964,429, which exceeded the same week last season of $17,382,117, but did not compare well to last week’s take of $18,558,743. However, overall numbers for the season, $373,237,228, still outstrip the same period last season of $365,448,719. These figures do not include... Read more
The lights on Broadway continue to shine in spite of the looming threat of a recession. The past week’s ticket sales beat out both the previous weeks and the same week last season with $16,587,238 in total sales compared to $15,558,404 and $16,044,883 respectively. The figures for the season... Read more