Despite the weak economy taking a bite out of Broadway with cancellations or postponements of some upcoming shows, overall the ticket-selling picture continues to chug along. For the week ending August 24, Broadway ticket sales may seem a bit gray compared to last week, down for the week to... Read more
Now in the twelfth week of the season, the gap between box office ticket sales this year and last year continues to close with there now being less than a one percent difference. Overall, there was $18,623,072 in ticket sales for the week compared to $18,701,222 for the previous... Read more
It was a good week on Broadway as box offices reported $18,701,222 in ticket sales. That’s an increase over both the previous reporting period of $18,593,843 and the same week last year, $18,282,467. Eleven weeks into the new season, box office numbers show an ever-decreasing gap between the previous... Read more
The Citi Performing Arts Center (Citi Center) in Boston, MA has signed a new co-booking arrangement with MSG Entertainment (MSGE). The deal will bring additional broad-based performances to Boston’s 3,600-seat Wang Theater starting as early as next season. This collaboration between Citi Center and MSGE comes after years of... Read more
Box office numbers fared well this past week, pulling in $18,593,843 in ticket sales, down somewhat from the previous reporting period of $18,725,752. Both outshined the same week last season of $18,416,615. Overall, this season’s ticket sales have totaled $190,209,610 compared to last season’s $193,180,779 at the same point.... Read more
The 28 productions currently open this past week held their own with a total of $18,725,752 in ticket sales, experiencing a slight dip over the last week’s $19,305,801. Both totals are behind the same week last season of $19,838,011. Young Frankenstein is not reporting its box office grosses. In... Read more
The bottom line just keeps getting better and better. The gap between last year’s total gross and this year’s has shrunk to less than 1.5 percent. To date for the season it is $152,890,015, compared to last season’s gross at this time of $154,926,153. Total box office receipts this... Read more
It’s week seven of the new season, and the percent of difference in box office sales between last season and this has closed to less than two percent. Overall, this past week saw a dip compared to the previous week; $18,434,166 to $18,880,520. The difference was spread over almost... Read more
It’s hard to top the shining financial picture of Broadway two weeks ago; this past week didn’t quite measure up at $18,880,520 compared to $20,412,789. Like in previous years, the decline in sales this past week can be attributed to the Fourth of July weekend. According to Variety, this... Read more
Broadway maintained its summer heat this past week, with total box office receipts of $20,412,789, a tad less than last week’s $20,962,855. Both weeks outshined the same week last year of just $19,662,121, even with Young Frankenstein at the Hilton not reporting their numbers. Best performance in dollar figures... Read more