Former Ticketmaster CEO Announces New Ticketing Venture “Rival”
Nathan Hubbard, who ran Ticketmaster in the four years following its merger with Live Nation before leaving to serve as Twitter VP of Commerce and Media, announced a new venture in a series of tweets on Friday morning. The details were thin on what exactly the company – called... Read more
Taylor Swift Reputation Tour Sale Leaves Some Fans Fuming
Emotions ran high when tickets to the Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour finally went on sale to the general public on Tuesday morning for dates throughout the U.S. Given the high demand stoked by the months-long buildup and “Verified Fan” presale process that allowed users to pay (or tweet)... Read more
Will Colts Season Ticket Holders Sue Over QB Injury Holdback?
Could a quick transgression, occurring in 140 characters or less, cost the Indianapolis Colts big? Perhaps, according to a report by Mike Florio on Pro Football Talk, which outlines the potential that season ticket holders could sue the team’s owner for fraud over an January proclamation that quarterback Andrew... Read more
Trump, Michael Moore Debate Over Broadway Show
Donald Trump, though now the president of the United States, has ceased to shy away from his pop-culture career beginnings. This time, he took to Twitter to criticize filmmaker Michael Moore’s one-man show about the president called “The Terms of My Surrender”, which he began by admitting was “not... Read more
Will Push For Millennials Cost Live Nation NFL Exclusivity?
As the National Football League looks to grow its appeal to younger audiences, Ticketmaster’s near-monopolistic control over the league’s ticketing process may be coming to a close. The NFL, which has already experimented with Millennial-targeted actions like broadcasting games on Twitter in 2016 and this coming fall, may... Read more