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RazorGator cuts commission fees through August 27

"RazorGator.com Half-Price Summer Seller Sale has been Extended, Slashing Fees for Selling Tickets"

Los Angeles, CA (RazorGator) August 19, 2008 – RazorGator.com announced it will extend the Half-Price Summer Seller Sale and continue to slash commission fees through August 27, 2008.

As the leader in Hard-To-Getsm tickets for sports, entertainment and theatre events worldwide, RazorGator kicked off the industry first ‘Seller Sale’ on August 7, 2008, in conjunction with the launch of its’ new and improved Fan2Fan Ticket Exchange. Due to the favorable response from valued sellers, RazorGator will continue to offer commission fees of only 7.5% for all tickets sold, as long as they are listed during the sale period. Customers listing tickets on RazorGator will continue to earn more money on each ticket sold than on any competitor’s websites.

Denver considers lifting anti-scalping laws

By Alfred Branch Jr.

The City of Denver, which currently prohibits the resale of event tickets, is considering changing its anti-scalping law to allow for an unfettered market which would, according to the legislator pushing for the change, even the playing field between fans and ticket brokers.

While the State of Colorado allows for ticket resale, Denver does not based on Chapter 7, Article XII, 7-291-294 of the city's ordinances. But, as many municipalities and jurisdictions have found out, trying to enforce anti-scalping laws in the Internet Age is, at best, extremely difficult.

JamBase.com: connecting live music fans to tickets

By Tim Fraser

The online live music database JamBase, a Web site dedicated to connecting music fans with accurate and up-to-date concert information, will now be helping fans find tickets to see their favorite bands.

An extremely popular stop for live music fans, JamBase has been evolving since its inception ten years ago, continually adding new content to its Web site. Assisting music junkies find tickets to events will be the latest addition to a site that already includes news, artist interviews as well as album and live show reviews.

Lawsuit over canceled Hawaiian Aerosmith concert moves to class action status

By Alfred Branch Jr.

The lawsuit filed over the last-minute cancellation of an Aerosmith concert in Maui can move ahead as a class action case, according to the Second Circuit Court in Hawaii.

Attorney Brandee Faria, who is representing the concertgoers who were denied a chance to see the band, told TicketNews that the court agreed with her assessment that "it would be best for all 8700-plus class members' claims to be resolved in one lawsuit, thus it means that this case will either be resolved by trial or settlement with compensation for all 8700-plus class members."

TicketNetwork.com launches new redesigned Web site

By Tim Fraser

Broker software and secondary ticket company TicketNetwork has recently launched a new redesigned retail Web site designed to make shopping for event tickets quicker and stress free.

"With its quick-search capability, and dynamic top ten listings, TicketNetwork.com makes it easier now more than ever for fans to find the tickets they want to any event in the country," TicketNetwork's marketing program manager Molly Martinez said.

Ticket broker liaison Ralph Garreffa is out at TicketsNow in latest corporate shakeup

By Alfred Branch Jr.

Ralph Garreffa, a five-year veteran of TicketsNow who served as Director of Sales and Client Support, has left the company in what is the latest departure of a senior executive from the secondary ticketer.

In his position, and with his trademark long ponytail, Garreffa had become one of the most recognizable faces at TicketsNow, and he essentially worked with the company's ticket broker clients troubleshooting issues with the EventInventory system. His departure follows that of Nick Bucci, former president of EventInventory, who abruptly resigned in May.

TicketStumbler.com: a new way to find tickets

By Alfred Branch Jr.

You want to catch your favorite team's next game, but your usual sources for tickets are all out. Instead of trying to search through hundreds of other ticket broker Web sites, log into TicketStumbler.com and let them do the work for you.

TicketStumbler.com is a "ticket market search and comparison Web site" that helps users find and buy tickets to events. Fans can search by keyword, location, league or date and find tickets being sold by a plethora of sources, including StubHub, TicketNetwork and RazorGator, among others, with which the site already has partnership deals.

Event management Web site amiando launches Facebook app

By Petrina Crockford

When Facebook Connect launched in July to allow Facebook users to connect to third-party websites using their Facebook identities, twenty-four partner companies were included in the launch. Among them is amiando, a Munich-based event management Web site.

"Events are the most important social happening," Felix Haas, CEO of amiando, told TicketNews. "Therefore we will use Facebook Connect to let event organizers and their guests enjoy, recommend and promote events within the social context of their real identity and friendships on Facebook."

Live Nation continues its strong growth

By Jane Cohen & Bob Grossweiner

Posting a slim profit, Live Nation this month reported that it beat Wall Street analysts' expectations and posted better than expected second quarter earnings for the three months ended June 30, 2008.

The company reported revenue of $1.16 billion, an 18 percent increase from $986 million a year ago. According to David Kestenbaum, an analyst with Morgan Joseph, it was an impressive quarter, and the company’s $1.16 billion revenue “was easily ahead of our $1.04 billion expectations," he wrote in his report.

Platform-A launches new affiliate marketing solution

"buy.at Affiliate Publishers Can Now Choose and Earn Revenue Through Advertiser Widgets"

New York, NY (Platform-A) August 12, 2008 – Platform-A announced the launch of an affiliate marketing solution that links the buy.at affiliate network to the widget-based marketing tools of Goowy Media, Inc. The new offering lets publishers generate revenue by merging the power of affiliate, widget and viral marketing. buy.at is the affiliate network of Platform-A, and Goowy Media forms part of AOL's newly created People Networks business unit. Platform-A, http://www.platform-a.com, is AOL’s digital advertising division.

This first-of-its-kind solution provides buy.at affiliate publishers with an exclusive gallery of advertiser-generated widgets through the buy.at web site. Once a publisher places a widget on their website, consumers can grab it and distribute the widget to other locations on the Web, including social network pages, desktops and blogs. The publisher earns revenue for each sale driven by the widget, even if it’s several download-generations away from the publisher’s site.

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