Festivalgoers are demanding refunds after attending the RNB Fridays Live event in Perth and Melbourne, which included a headlining set from Janet Jackson lip-syncing, bad sound quality, and obstructed views.

The festival, which also included performances from the Black Eyes Peas and Jason Derulo, took place at the HBF Park in Perth on Friday, followed by Melbourne on Saturday at Marvel Stadium. Fans complained that they couldn’t see the stage properly, there were problems with the sound quality, and Jackson – the star performer – wasn’t even singing her famous hits. Jackson reportedly tried to hide her lip-syncing with hair in front of her face and her timing was out of whack. Some audience members even left the show.

Those who attended the event took out their frustrations online, noting that they should receive refunds for their $200 platinum seats.

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RNB Fridays Live organizers Mushroom Group did not comment on any of the sound or seating issues, telling Daily Mail Australia that they were unaware of any sound problems.

Unsatisfied ticketholders from last year’s event created a Facebook group dubbed “RnB Live Melbourne Robbed Us…Refund Our Money Now.” The sound issues were present last year as well. In the group, people shared screenshots from various sites online ahead of the show, noting that organizers were trying to sell tickets as many ways as they could to fill the venue. It seems like history repeated itself with the show this past weekend, and just like 2018, ticketholders likely won’t receive a refund again.

RNB Fridays Live continues with shows in Brisbane on November 15 and Sydney on November 16.

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