Had it not been abruptly postponed at the last minute in January, the Weekends With Adele residency in Las Vegas would be just about at its midpoint, with seven weeks to go at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace. The residency remains in limbo, but reports are trickling out that it may be rescheduled – and soon. With a spring or early summer run out of the question, negotiations are reportedly underway to bring Weekends With Adele to the stage in the summer and early fall of 2021.

“That is the scheduling that would make the most sense,” says a source with knowledge of the negotiations between the singer and Caesar’s, according to The Sun. “talks are ongoing at the moment, and the hope is that Adele’s rearranged dates will be agreed very soon. She has made it claer that next year is not an option, and everyone is keen to lock the dates in.”

Currently, the only dates on Adele’s performance schedule are at BST Hyde Park in London, July 1 and 2. Dates before that are largely already booked for The Colosseum, which has Keith Urban and the Backstreet Boys booked over many original Adele dates in March and April. May brings Chris Rock and Rod Stewart to the venue, as well as three more Keith Urban dates, with Sting booked for much of June. But aside from one Chris Rock date on July 3, there is a window of open weekends at The Colosseum from late June through late September when Rod Stewart pops back on to the calendar.

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Adele’s original run of performances had 24 dates scheduled across 12 weekends (with one weekend off during that span). Assuming that Adele’s team would want to keep to the original Friday-Saturday performance schedule, there are 13 available weekends between Sting’s last show and when Rod Stewart is booked in September. Remove the one weekend she’s already performing in London, and Weekend’s With Adele could plug right into that opening without cancelling any dates.

That, of course, would entail Adele being comfortable with playing back-to-back shows on Friday and Saturday night for 13 consecutive weeks, including travel to London and back for one of those weeks, but it certainly seems possible. There are also open weekends from mid-October through the end of the year, so it is feasable that the residency could be split into two segments in the summer and then the fall, depending on how the negotiations go.

Fans are no doubt hoping that the reschedule plans are announced sooner rather than later, as many played many thousands of dollars for tickets to the highly anticipated shows, which utelized “platinum” and dynamic pricing in concert with Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan system to push prices into the stratosphere. Many expressed fury over the last-second postponement, which happened while some were already en route to Las Vegas for its opening weekend.

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