Blue Ridge Rock Festival made headlines earlier this year after news broke that organizers were selling tickets to the 2024 event, despite the fact that 2023 festivalgoers were still awaiting refunds. While organizers were quick to deny that they sold 2024 tickets, Blue Ridge Rock’s attorney has a different story.

The 2023 edition of Blue Ridge Rock ended in chaos; the festival was originally set to take place from Thursday, September 7 through Sunday, September 10, 2023 in Alton, Virginia, however, Thursday’s show was impacted by severe weather, leading fans to seek shelter. While Friday’s show went on as planned, Saturday and Sunday’s shows were called-off.

Although the festival only went on for two days, fans complained that the event was a disaster, citing the lack of security, overpriced water amid the heat with only two water stations on site, piles of garbage around the campsite, and portapotties blocked-off.

Organizers released a statement after the event, standing by the decision to cancel due to weather, however, other reasons for the cancellation quickly emerged, including overcapacity and threats of staff striking due to unworkable conditions. The Virginia Department of Health even launched an investigation into the festival after multiple people reported gastrointestinal issues. Those affected told a local news outlet that “unsanitary conditions” were at fault.

After months of silence — and no word on refunds for ticketholders — organizers finally released a statemenet, explaining that the delay was due to the festival’s abandonment insurance policy. Organizers said they expected a response to the claim in the first quarter of 2024 or shortly after.

Then, earlier this year, passes for the 2024 event were listed on the Blue Ridge Rock Fest website, claiming “the lowest prices in rock” with “our most outrageous lineup to date.” Fans were not pleased to see the festival selling tickets, especially when there are so many questions left unanswered.

Executive producer Cara Fischer issued a statement last month, noting “tickets for 2024 are not currently on sale and have not been for several months while we work to provide a resolution to 2023 fans.”

Now, Attorney Jonathan Wilkofsky is clearing the air. He told Roanoke, Virginia’s WBDJ that presale tickets for the 2024 event were indeed sold, noting “that money has not been lost; it’s being held, which Blue Ridge doesn’t have it.” He admitted he’s unsure who exactly is holding the money from the resales, but whether it’s the credit card or ticketing company, “it’s being held by somebody [that’s] not Blue Ridge.”

“The hope is we’ll be putting on a show and that money will be providing for tickets, but it’s not like Blue Ridge is having the money [or] spending the money,” Wilkofsky said.

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In terms of refunds, Wilkofsky reiterated the fact that Blue Ridge Rock’s insurance carrier is currently investigating the festival. He said investigators have reviewed about 24 hours of testimony and are expected to make a decision regarding refunds within the next 30 days, noting, “there were just a lot of moving parts to the events and the cancelation of the weather and the ticketing, and there’s just a million moving parts to it.”

“There’s been a lot of rumors out there that somebody’s run away with the money and we’re stiffing the fans,” he said, “and that’s absolutely untrue. There’s been no payment. There’s been no denial of the claim, we’re in the process of the investigation.”

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