Las Vegas to Host R&B Throwback Lovers & Friends Festival in May
A full slate of fan favorites are on the bill for the Lovers & Friends Festival, scheduled for May 14 of 2022 at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. Usher, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Ciara, Ludakris, Ashanti, and TLC are among the acts announced for the festival, which is presented by... Read more
Ja Rules’s Name Cleared From Fyre Fest Suit
While Fyre Festival co-founder Billy McFarland is serving a six-year prison sentence, his partner Ja Rule had his name officially cleared from the legal disaster. Fyre Fest, the 2017 failed-festival-turned-phenomenon, has been outlined in two documentaries and is now globally dubbed as the biggest scam of the last decade.... Read more
Island Used To Promote The Failed Fyre Fest Is Now On Sale
The private island in the Bahamas used to promote the infamous Fyre Festival, luring in thousands of eager concertgoers in 2017, is now up-for-grabs. Interested buyers can snatch up the 47-acre island for a whopping $11.8 million. Locally, the island is known as Saddleback Cay, and while Fyre Fest... Read more
50 Cent Buys 200 Concert Tickets To Ja Rule’s Show To Leave Seats Empty
50 Cent and Ja Rule have been feuding since the ’90s, and it’s not over yet — 50 Cent reportedly bought 200 tickets to Ja Rule’s show just so the crowd would be empty. According to Billboard, 50 Cent posted on his Instagram that he bought 200 tickets to... Read more
Ja Rule Asks New York Court to Dismiss Fyre Fest Lawsuits Naming Him
Ja Rule is asking a New York court to remove any potential liability he might have in relation to the spectacular collapse of the 2017 Fyre Festival, the now infamous debacle in the Bahamas. Ja Rule, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, says his “non-operational” role in promoting the... Read more
Ja Rule On Hook for Fyre Fest Debts, Per Bankruptcy Trustee Request
In another twist of the saga related to the now-infamous Fyre Fest, Ja Rule may be on the hook for the debts related to the imploded festival from April of 2017. Gregory M. Messer, appointed trustee in the liquidation process, has asked Judge Martin Glenn to require the co-founders,... Read more
Tickets On Sale: Thursdsay, October 19, 2017
Moving off of presale from yesterday, tickets to potential Yankees World Series games are on sale to the general public today. The presales list features a run of shows from Marilyn Manson next year, and one-off shows from Migos in Ohio, The Killers in California, and Dane Cook in... Read more
Tickets On Sale: Friday, October 13, 2017
Over one thousand events go on sale today on a particularly busy Friday in the ticketing world. On sales are headlined by an already mega-popular event since presale, P!NK’s Beautiful Trauma World Tour next spring. Some other big tours on sale are Avenged Sevenfold, Alice Cooper, Celtic Woman and... Read more
Fyre Fest Placed into Bankruptcy by Judge
A judge has granted a request by creditors of the company behind the doomed Fyre Festival to place the company behind it into bankruptcy. The move comes months after the event – promoted as a luxury event on an island paradise and promoted by models on Instagram – was... Read more