The Los Angeles Lakers were founded in 1946 in Detroit before making their move to Minneapolis, where they got their nickname the “Lakers”. They are currently one of thirty teams that form the National Basketball Association. They play in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference, along with the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix Suns and Sacramento. The Lakers play all their home games during the regular and post seasons at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, which opened in 1999.

Often criticized for a laissez-faire attitude toward their sports franchises, the Los Angeles Lakers fan base is known for the celebrities more their passion. The most famous of those celebrity fans is, of course, movie star Jack Nickolson. Sitting courtside for many of the Lakers home games, he is the most visible and most iconic of all Lakers fans.

The fans of the Lakers have historically reached a little deeper in their pockets for tickets to big games their team participates. During the 2008 NBA Finals, the secondary market had the highest ticket prices ever for Finals games, for the three games that were played at the Staple Center. Part of that could have been their match-up with their rival the Boston Celtics.