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If you’d asked me as a little kid how I’d be spending my New Year’s in 2011, I’d probably have said I’d be relaxing at my vacation home on the moon. Alas, that didn’t happen, but instead, I spent some time thinking about the 11 things you should be... Read more
There is a coming shift in the primary and secondary ticket market place. Brokers who adapt will maximize their revenue while those who don’t will cede a significant portion of their market share. What’s going on? First, artists, teams, and venues are realizing there is money to be made... Read more
Dynamic and variable ticket price structures are becoming very popular in the NBA, and while many teams are experimenting in this practice, an industry standard has yet to emerge. Teams are taking very different approaches and analyzing these varying strategies reveals some interesting opportunities for brokers. As the Marketing... Read more
The ticketing business is about as crowded as it gets. There are hundreds of brokers, secondary ticket markets, and ticket search engines all competing to get customers. With eight employees, SeatGeek is a tiny company, but we’ve found innovative ways to cut through the clutter and attract hundreds of... Read more
There has been a lot of recent discussion about the possibility of developing and launching new Ticket Exchange platforms into the marketplace. In general, we welcome having additional players in the marketplace, and think that new exchanges could push everyone to improve, and could offer us additional opportunities to... Read more
Most marketing courses will identify the 4 P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotions. Most marketing professors will tell you that the effective utilization of these P’s is critical to the success of any business. While the secondary market is certainly unique, the importance of these marketing aspects... Read more
Public perception of the secondary ticket market has drastically improved over the past decade. Organizations such as StubHub and TicketsNow have completely altered perceptions of the industry by introducing ticket guarantees and a safe and secure platform for exchanging tickets. Further, these two organizations (StubHub and TicketNow’s parent company,... Read more
Dynamic pricing is often lumped together with paperless ticketing as one of the potential “killers” of the secondary ticket market. As the co-founder of SeatGeek, I’m always interested to learn more about how our industry can be affected by new trends. I jumped at the chance to interview some... Read more
UPDATED May 6, 2010, to reflect an updated version of Dr. Joris Drayer’s article. Given recent revenue shortages and improving technology, it has been an exciting last few years in the world of ticketing. Recent trends such as dynamic pricing and paperless ticketing indicate that sport organizations are indeed... Read more
When Veritix launched as Flash Seats three years ago, like any new technology, it was met with some skepticism. “No paper tickets? What? You just swipe a credit card or driver’s license? Are you sure people will go for this?” Well, we were sure… and, they have been going... Read more