Following the lead of several other cities looking to cordon off street ticket scalping, Cheyenne, WY officials are reportedly considering a new ordinance to create buffer zones around city venues. The proposal would establish a 1,000-foot buffer zone around all venues in the city, which officials hope will help... Read more
The Oregon House of Representatives Thursday unanimously passed proposed legislation that would outlaw the use of software “bots” to obtain event tickets. Such software, which has been highly controversial over the past couple of years, can help users gain an unfair advantage and quickly bypass online security efforts when... Read more
The legal maneuvering continues in the three-year-old lawsuit by the New England Patriots against StubHub, as the secondary ticketing company was reportedly dealt a blow recently to one of its arguments. StubHub unsuccessfully tried to argue that it should not be held responsible for the actions of its users... Read more
About 8,300 fans of the legendary Aerosmith will be receiving free tickets to see the band later this year as part of a settlement the band has reached in a lawsuit over a canceled concert in Maui two years ago. The band, which has a major tour lined up... Read more
After two years of progress in adopting favorable ticket resale laws, several states are again taking a hard look at the issue and are considering reforms that could significantly impact ticket brokers. In some instances, the various moves came in the aftermath of the Hannah Montana ticketing controversy, but... Read more
Bowing to pressure from state, federal and Canadian authorities, Ticketmaster Entertainment said today that it was going to turn over to officials “certain information about TicketsNow’s broker clients and their sales activities.” In an email to TicketsNow clients, Ticketmaster outlined some of its reasons for doing it, stressing that... Read more
A proposal to eliminate the speculative selling of tickets for events in Arkansas has been delayed while a state House committee reviews the measure. Last week, the proposed bill, SB966 which was sponsored by Sen. Larry Teague, prohibits brokers and others from selling tickets to events in the state,... Read more
With new federal money coming into state coffers because of the stimulus package, New York Gov. David Patterson has dropped a plan for a proposed 4 percent tax on event tickets from his upcoming budget. The proposed ticket tax was one of several taxes or fees that the governor... Read more
The New York State Assembly is considering a proposed bill that would mandate that at least 7 percent of the tickets for sale for a sporting event be affordable, if the game is played in a facility that received taxpayer money to help build it. Bill number A00508, sponsored... Read more
A Washington, DC-based law firm has launched its own investigation into the business practices of Ticketmaster Entertainment and its subsidiary TicketsNow as it relates to the companies’ handling of the recent onsales for Bruce Springsteen tickets. Finkelstein Thompson LLP is the latest entity to question how the two companies... Read more