Eventbrite Acquires Event Creator Marketing Toolkit ToneDen
Eventbrite has acquired ToneDen, adding the marketing system to its portfolio as performances remain largely on hold amid the pandemic. ToneDen assists event creators and organzers with growing their followings on Spotify using targeted Instagram and other social media ads. “Today, I’m thrilled to announced that ToneDen has been... Read more
Eventbrite Draws Right-Wing Ire After “Cancelling” Pro-Trump Event Page
Eventbrite has drawn widespread anger from right-wing activists this week, following its decision to remove an event from its system over violation of its policies related to “disinformation.” The ticketing platform removed the event from its system, as did Facebook and Mailchimp, earlier this week. The event is a... Read more
Eventbrite Q3 Report Optimistic, But Revenue Down 75% From 2019
Eventbrite’s Q3 earnings report had company leaders speaking optimistically about the expected return of live events, but reflected continued struggles for the company amid the halt on live events due to the coronavirus pandemic. Revenue was down by 75 percent compared to Q3 2019 according to the company, though... Read more
Eventbrite Settles Stockholder Lawsuit for $1.9 Million
Investors who sued Eventbrite claiming the company misled them in its initial public offering have negotiated a $1.9 million settlement, accepting a lower payout than hoped due to the crunch on the company and industry from the coronavirus pandemic. The lawsuits were filed after a pair of sharp drops... Read more
Eventbrite Stock Buoyed by Better than Expected Earnings
Eventbrite stock has ticked upward following the release of the company’s Q2 earnings report, up five pecent at mid-day compared to its close Thursday. Revenue was down 90 percent compared to a year ago – similar to Live Nation’s dismal numbers released Wednesday – but the company lost 44... Read more
Eventbrite Launches COVID-19 ‘Safety Playbook For Events’
As the live event industry starts to build itself back up amid the coronavirus pandemic, Eventbrite has launched an actionable playbook to help creators move forward following widespread cancellations. The guide, dubbed COVID-19 Safety Playbook, was developed by top risk management and health experts, giving guidance regarding new safety... Read more
Eventbrite Secures $225M Financing Round
Ticketing platform Eventbrite revealed news earlier this week of a $225 million investment from Francisco Partners to help fund the company’s long-term growth. The announcement follows news of Eventbrite’s 2020 Quarter 1 revenue report, which showed that in the company brought in a revenue of $49.1 million during the... Read more
Eventbrite Shares 2020 Earnings Report To Shareholders
In a letter to shareholders this week, ticketing site Eventbrite shared their 2020 First Quarter earnings amid the coronavirus pandemic. Within days of learning of the virus, Eventbrite said they mobilized to strengthen Eventbrite and support its creators by migrating live events, flexed on their refund policy and partnered... Read more
Eventbrite Lays Off 45 Percent Of Workforce Amid Pandemic
Ticketing platform Eventbrite announced to its staff this week that it is laying off 45% of the company during the coronavirus pandemic, which includes many employees from its music division, Billboard reports. While coronavirus causes massive revenue cuts across the music industry, ticketing sites are doing whatever they can... Read more
Eventbrite Withdraws 2020 Business Outlook Due to Impact of COVID-19
Ticketing and events business Eventbrite announced that the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has directly impacted its business outlook and said it is withdrawing its outlook for the first quarter of 2020 due to the “growing impact” of the outbreak. Fans across the globe head to Eventbrite to buy tickets... Read more