Live Shows are Back in Canada – Top 5 Artists who are Booked for 2021
For the longest time, it seemed live events were never going to return. Canadians were relatively cautious and fearful of social distancing compared to many other countries, and so a lot more focus turned to the digital world instead. Entertainment events that took place in venues with no live... Read more
Google Launches DEMAND To Track Ticket Prices
A new Google start-up is aimed at changing the live music industry. DEMAND, the latest product launched out of Google’s Area 120 incubator, will monitor ticket prices, fan support, and market demographics to help promoters and artists explore more options when it comes to live performances. DEMAND is designed... Read more
Science Links Live Music to Happiness
To say that going to a concert makes a person happy isn’t in itself a groundbreaking statement- who doesn’t enjoy finally hearing that favorite song they’ve played a million times over through their headphones in surround sound, in real time, with the artist they admire right before their eyes?... Read more