Evanescence broke onto the hard-rock scene in 1995 as the creation of guitarist, Ben Moody, and amazing vocalist, Amy Lee. Though the band’s line-up has fluctuated over the years, current members being Amy Lee, Terry Balsamo, and Tim McCord, their sound has remained consistent. The band first reached audiences with their demo CD, “Origin” in 2000, but considers their full-length album “Fallen,” released in 2003, as their debut. That album remained on the “Billboard Top 50” for over a year, one of only eight other albums to ever do so.

With Lee’s unique voice at the helm, Evanescence has rocketed to success, winning Grammy Awards for “Best New Artist” and “Best Hard Rock Performance” in 2004, and Kerrang! Awards for “Best International Newcomer” in 2003, and “Sexiest Female” in 2007. Four years since their last release, a new album is currently in the works and should be hitting shelves in the fall of 2010.