Tenacious D, whose core members include Jack Black and Kyle Gass, began as an acoustic duo in Los Angeles. Although the group was formed in 1994, it first began to gain popularity in 1999 while starring in a self-titled HBO television series. Tenacious D continued to perform live and released its first studio album in 2001, also entitled “Tenacious D.”

Because of Black’s popularity as an actor, the move that really catapulted the group to worldwide fame was the release of the Hollywood film “Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny” in 2006, which followed a fictitious story of how the group was started. To coincide with the film’s release, the band also released a studio album, “Pick of Destiny,” and embarked on a five-country tour (which for the first time included a full band). Most recently, there has been speculation about a third album in production, although the release date has yet to be confirmed.