The National Hockey League is a North American professional hockey league that has franchises in both the U.S. and Canada. Hockey is the national sport of Canada, so it is no surprise that the league was formed in Montreal in 1917. The first 25 years of the league were marred by financial difficulties, and the league that was 10 teams was reduced to six by 1942. The next 25 years became known as the “Original Six” era and was the most important time in the league’s history.

Now the NHL is comprised of 30 teams, 24 in the U.S. and six in Canada. The league is often viewed as the fourth most popular sport in North America behind the NBA, MLB and the NFL. Despite that, teams in major cities and Canada are among the best selling tickets on the secondary market especially during playoff time. Like any other sport, NHL’s championship round, the Stanley Cup, is the most popular event in hockey.

Lightning to Tampa Army captain – “You can sell your Stanley Cup tickets, but only to whom we approve”
This season, Paul Dhillon, an Army captain, splurged on two season tickets right behind the Lightning bench. When he tried to resell his tickets during the playoffs because of his Army training conflicts, the Lightning management threatened to cancel his tickets. Read the story here. Now the team is... Read more
2014 NHL Winter Classic will match Wings and Leafs
Summary by TicketNews Staff After the NHL lockout cancelled the January 1, 2013 game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs, it has been confirmed that this match up will take place on New Year’s Day. Billed as the 2014 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic, the event... Read more
CBA official, NHL releases 2013 schedule; 10 can’t miss dates
With the Collective Bargaining Agreement signed by both the NHL and the NHL Player’s Association, the lockout is officially over. Yahoo! Sports takes a look at top match-ups and headlines going into this season. Read the full story here. Read more
NHL lockout over as owners, players reach agreement
Great news for hockey fans – there will be an NHL season after all. An agreement was made between the Player’s Association and the league early Sunday morning, essentially ending this year’s lockout just in time to save the season. The shortened season is predicted to begin on January... Read more
NHL, union to meet again Monday
The NHL and NHLPA met for 2 1/2 hours on Sunday to review the NHL’s latest proposal for a collective bargaining agreement. The two sides are expected to review the players’ counter-proposal today in hopes to salvage a season. Read the full article here. Read more
NHL Lockout: Lack of New CBA Results in More December Game Cancellations
The National Hockey League and the NHL Players’ Association are still struggling to reach a Collective Bargaining Agreement. Although the window is closing, there is still time for the two sides to make a deal that would save this year’s season. Read the full article here. Read more
NHL cancels more games including 2013 All-Star Game
The NHL has lost nearly 35 percent of its regular season after it cancelled all games through December 14, including the All-Star game, the league announced Friday. The 2013 All-Star Game was scheduled to be held in Columbus, Ohio on January 27. This would have marked the first time... Read more
NHL cancels all November games after failed negotiations
There will be no NHL hockey until at least December 1, after the league cancelled all games through November, in an announcement made on Friday, October 26, 2012. Even worse news for fans hoping for a quick deal between the owners and the players, the NHL pulled its latest... Read more
NHL cancels games through Nov. 1
The NHL has canceled all games through November 1, 2012, pushing the total of games wiped out so far to 135. A few weeks ago the league canceled all games from October 11-24. Labor negotiations remain contentious. It is still possible that the NHL could have a full 82-game... Read more
NHL lockout claims first two weeks of regular season
The news for NHL fans keeps getting worse as the league canceled the first two weeks of the regular season in an announcement Thursday, October 4. It has not been decided if the 82 postponed games will be rescheduled if an agreement is made in the near future. Owners... Read more