Major League Baseball was established way back in 1876 and has long been referred to as “America’s Past Time”. As of 2008, MLB consists of 30 franchises across the U.S. and Canada. Over the past several years, the game has continued to grow in popularity as attendance numbers increase almost on a yearly basis. Major markets teams like New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have become billion dollar enterprises, whose ticket have shown to be in high demand. On the secondary ticket market these teams, along with others including the Chicago Cubs, tickets have been most popular.

Currently, the Boston Red Sox carry the highest average ticket price in Major League Baseball, with the Yankees trying to close in. The Yankees are offering tickets that go as high as $2,500 apiece for their new stadium that opens in 2009. With the economy in flux, most teams now have to make adjustments to their ticket prices, many freezing or reducing the overall cost per ticket.

Four teams left fighting for MLB’s World Series
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MLB wild card cause of attendance boost?
In March of this year, the MLB and its Players’ Association ratified a new playoff format, expanding on the previous postseason format to add an extra wild card in both the American and National leagues. The MLB has been mulling over the playoff expansion for the past two years,... Read more
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Restructuring offers new look to 2013 MLB season
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MLB to begin replay expansion testing
Major League Baseball will begin testing an expanded replay system at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field in New York during the final month of the season. Two different types of replay systems will be tested out. First, the Hawkeye system which uses cameras during tennis matches to quickly determine... Read more
MLB debuts new playoff format
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Gate attractions rule in MLB All-Star voting
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MLB All-Star Game tickets becoming costly
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