When it comes to sports history, no sport has a history quite like baseball. Great players from the early 1900’s are still known by all baseball fans today, great moments still talked about and records still be broken. People in the U.S. are most familiar with Major League Baseball, which was founded in 1876, but as the years have past, baseball leagues have continued to emerge around the world. Baseball has long been referred to as “America’s Pastime”, has become the world’s game.

And that is evident, whenever you buy a ticket to see a baseball game. Players from around the world fill the rosters of Major League teams, and will continue to for as long as the game goes on. Baseball has recently capitalized on the growing popularity of the sport around the world with the implementation of the World Baseball Classic, or WBC. Teams representing countries battle it out to see whose country has the best players. Though still in its infancy, the WBC is becoming a popular event among baseball purists.

MLB Season Could Reportedly Launch In June In Home Stadiums
Baseball fans have already missed out on a month of the 2020 season due to the coronavirus, however, there may be good news in the works. A new report from USA Today suggests that the MLB season is aiming to get underway in late June not in a hub... Read more
MLB Reverses Ticket Policy To Allow Refunds For Ticketholders
Ever since the MLB halted its operations last month, fans have been kept waiting for any decision regarding the season, along with refunds for tickets to impacted games. They may soon get an answer to the refund issue, however. The league has reversed its policy to hold refunds for... Read more
Sean Hannity, Yankees Gift Healthcare Workers Tickets
Healthcare workers on the front lines of hard-hit New York City can look forward to taking in a ball game once their hard work is done. As part of the Combat COVID-19 Challenge that has been popping up throughout social media, Fox News host Sean Hannity and the New... Read more
Gov. Cuomo: Creativity Needed To Bring Sports Back To New York
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is among the millions of Americans missing sports these days. But in order for the MLB and other major pro leagues to return to New York, some creative thinking will be needed. In a weekend press briefing, the governor said that he’d welcome the... Read more
Baltimore’s Camden Yards To Serve As Community Kitchen
With Oriole Park at Camden Yards currently vacant due to the delayed MLB season, the stadium is finding new ways to serve the community. Acclaimed chef Jose Andres, who is based out of Washington, DC, is bringing his non-profit World Central Kitchen to the Baltimore ballpark to feed families... Read more
MLB Teams Lay Out Plans To Pay Ballpark Employees
As the MLB season continues to stay in limbo, many of the league’s franchises are doing their part to keep ballpark staff compensated for the time being. Majority of MLB teams are committed to paying their baseball operations staff through at least the month of May, ESPN reports. The... Read more
Cubs, White Sox Offer 5 Percent Interest To Season Ticket Owners
At a time when baseball fans are demanding refunds for unusable tickets, the MLB’s two Chicago-based teams are offering an alternative. Both the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs are reportedly offering season ticket owners 5 percent interest payments for any games that they miss out on this year.... Read more
Dr. Fauci: MLB Could Play Games With Some Fans
Dr. Anthony Fauci offered a glimmer of hope for anxious baseball fans last week when he assured that baseball could return this summer amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the infectious disease expert is providing even more good news by presenting scenarios in which MLB games could be played with... Read more
MLB Reportedly Considering Three-State Plan For Season
There are plenty of questions surrounding the timeframe of when the MLB season may begin, and even more questions around where games will take place. Insiders had previously reported Florida and Arizona as potential locations for the condensed season, utilizing the regions’ spring training parks to accommodate closed-door games.... Read more
Major League Baseball Hit With Lawsuit Over Ticket Refunds
Major League Baseball and its ticketing partners, including Ticketmaster and StubHub, have been hit with a lawsuit regarding ticket refunds as the season remains delayed. The suit was filed Monday with the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles and alleges violations of California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act and Unfair Competition... Read more